Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Hi, All!

First I would like to thank all of you for your well wishes about my recovery. After almost four months of crippling arthritis in my shoulders, arms, and hands, I finally was diagnosed with the correct FORM...

Many of you know that I have gout and have suffered with it for decades. I ASSUMED my new affliction was yet another bout with this horrific disease. But this time, GOUT wasn't the culprit. I contracted an arthritis that usually hits much older people. It's called Polymalgia Rheumatica. It hits in the shoulders and hips. Ugh. Now I am on a light steroid. I can TYPE AGAIN. I can move again, and I can SLEEP again. Granted being on steroids is never good. So I am hopeful I will not be on them for more than a few months. I'll certainly keep you all posted.

This past month all kinds of insecurities have run ramped through my mind. Since my affliction and living in a construction site for over two months with all the problems with contractors, building regulations, and expense, I have had little time to be insecure about my lack of writing. But now the things are calming down, I am missing blogging, missing my connection with all of my extended family, and MISSING WRITING... So, even though I have had a year of all sorts of life's DRAMA, I can begin to focus on writing again. I should be finished with the remodel within a few weeks. YES... by CHRISTMAS... hopefully. I won't enjoy it until my return in the Spring because I need to go back to Florida to heal. Warm weather will help my arthritis and I'll be able to slowly get back into shape.

I hope to be visiting your blogs and immersing myself back into the blogging and writing world. Thanks to Alex and all of you being there for me for SEVEN years now. This community will always have a special place in my heart.

Please drop by Alex's site to read the IWSG posts or even join in with words of encouragement or if you need to vent out your insecurities.....


Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Hi, Everyone!

Sorry for the late post, but time seems to be slipping away so quickly...and the fact that Nov. 1 is the first Wednesday of the month make this IWSG post so much earlier than usual.

I hope you are all doing well... I've missed the community terribly, but like has hit me with another bout of arthritis in my shoulders and wrists which makes typing and computer work painful.

I haven't had an attack this bad in almost a decade. I thought it was gone forever, but like so many other illnesses that go into remission, they can, and often do come back to plague us... just like bad reviews. LOL... We must grind out teeth and live through the waves of pain.

Good luck to those who have submitted to the IWSG Anthology. I had SOOOOO hoped to submit. I had the perfect story that I had started a few years ago, but I couldn't revisit it at this time. Too many of life's obstacles keep getting in my way. Some day, I hope.

On the positive side, my new place is moving along. The kitchen install started today very late, so it will hopefully be completed on Friday. Then the counter tops next week. SO by next weekend I just may be able to have a functional and GORGEOUS kitchen. I'll post pics soon. This is one of my prettiest kitchen designs. I finally found the right space for me! It only took about three years, lol. Thank you all for supporting me emotionally through my insane journey. The journey to find a place to call home! Once I settle and feel truly comfortable, I just may finally write a story worthy of publishing....Time will tell.

Thank you, Alex, for keeping us all going and for you support and friendship. It is greatly appreciated!

Please visit the other posts by our wonderful members at Alex's site. You just may feel better...

Hugs to you all!!!!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


HI All,

Well another month has sailed by. We are in OCTOBER...can you believe it!

Thanks for all the warm wishes during my kidney stone attack. Thankfully that has been resolved, but once again I have been inflicted with crippling arthritis, this time in the shoulders. What a living nightmare. But we must persevere and not let it get to us.

This past month has been one crazy ride. First, I closed on my new condo... YAY... I even managed to have the new flooring and carpets installed and tore out the kitchen in record time_under two weeks. But I couldn't finish the painting because of my arthritis and I have to wait a month for my new kitchen. Moving was a HORROR, but thankfully I lived through it. Now the fun begins, digging myself out of all the boxes piled high all over the place!

So with health issues, moving, etc. I haven't had time to think about writing. After the excitement of the PITCH, sadly nothing materialized, BUT, I was still thrilled to be chosen and apparently I still have my work cut of for me before publication. As we ALL KNOW, each of us has a different journey. Once I settle I will back into writing...

Please visit the other IWSG members. We all have so much to share and learn... 

Thanks always, you are a guiding light for us all. If you are not yet a member, visit Alex's blog to sign up!

Also, thanks to all the co-hosts for this month, too! 

I hope everyone is HEALTHY and enjoying the new season....

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Hi, All,

I just wanted to drop in briefly and say I will be missing this month's post because of health issues. Monday I ran to the ER because of chronic pain and sickness.... Turns out I have kidney stones. One of the worst experiences of my life. 

I am better now, but still only half way through... hopefully by the end of today the last stone will be gone. I'd appreciate all the good vibes and prayers you could send my way.... THANKS!

I hope all are well and had a wonderful Labor Day weekend..... I will try and drop by tomorrow if I feel better....

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Hi, All,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer! Things are certainly heating up in Chicago in more ways than just the temperature.

First an update ... Well, the loft I had signed on for ended up having too many issues, so I pulled the deal. Major bummer, but it put things in perspective for me. Buying a condo shouldn't take months and so much STRESS. So, I decided to just move on and rent another place. This time I will make sure it will be the right one for me. I only plan to stay in Chicago a few more years until I am financially secure to move out. Lots of new projects not related to interior design are on the horizon. I am HOPEFUL... It's time to concentrate on my writing again...and why is that, you may ask? After such a long, long hiatus. WELL it's because of the new found hope I experienced in the IWSG TWITTER PITCH! What an amazing day!

Which brings us up to this month's IWSG post. Thanks to Alex .... no need to explain who he is, lol. This group has gone beyond viral. Nominated in the top 101 best writer's websites! CONGRATS ALEX and all involved in the IWSG.... Give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back. For those of you how'd like to join, here is the link to sign up....IWSG

The twitter pitch was a turning point for me. After my last April twitter pitch was accepted by the KNIGHT agency, I was upset it led to nothing. The agent turned it down, but did invite me to query anything else new. But I was bummed. I knew about the IWSG twitter pitch and hung on to the hope until July. 

I posted my first pitch a bit after the starting time. Within a minute I had two likes!!! One agent, one publisher. I was ELATED. I decided to resurrect my first novel that I had put on hold for about a year. I created a pitch for that one. And AMAZINGLY on the third pitch, I was LIKED by THREE! A top NY agent and two publishers! I can't begin to tell you how happy I was and still am! So for all of you who missed out on this pitch, get those manuscripts finished and polished because another IWSG twitter pitch is schedule for January!

As excited as I am, I am also FREAKING.... I spent the following few days tweaking my second novel's synopsis, both query letters, and first few chapters on both. I'm gathering the remaining info for one more publisher. I hadn't had a synopsis written for the first novel and it is taking me some time to finish it. Now it's time for the waiting game. What will happen?

I have worked sooooo hard these past seven years and I hope this is my time. I am grateful but scared. I am not sure if I can handle another HUGE disappointment. If I will recover.... Yes, you all know I am very positive and determined, but I am also tired.  All I can do now is to focus on tweaking the remaining ms while I wait for news. IF I am asked for a partial or full, I will be ready!

I know I can get through my insecurities because I honestly have a good feeling about the timing. Resolving one aspect of my life will CLEAR THE WAVES for the positive flow to wash through my writing career.

For all of those who have had "Likes," I wish you ALL THE BEST!!!!!! Let's end this year right, with LOTS OF SIGNED CONTRACTS!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017



Hope everyone enjoyed the extended holiday weekend. I am sure many of you managed to squeeze in a bit of writing between the hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, beer, pop, chocolate chip cookies, ice-cream, and fireworks!

I was fortunate enough to enjoy an incredible brunch with a few new friends who are just amazing. They really made my weekend! Even in my middle age years, I am still able to make friends... how awesome is that?

Well, today is the first Wednesday of the month and most of us all know that it's time for another installment of the IWSG, the phenomenal global group formed my the incredible Alex J. Cavanaugh. If you'd like to join and vent your insecurities ... hop over there now and sign up. 

I am thrilled how this group has grown in only a few short years. I remember so clearly when Alex mentioned he'd be starting this group and asked for us to post. It was a whirlwind and it still is today. Imagine venting once a month. Clearing out the cobwebs of our minds and receiving such heart felt advice and support from our fellow writers who are or have experienced the same ups and downs in their writing journeys. But it's not just about writing, it's about life, too.

As most of you know I have had a rough time for the past few months. I want to thank all of you for you cyber hugs, vibes, love, prayers, and your endless support. It means so much to me. I actually wrote my first piece in ages for the WEP and won the Encouragement award badge for INVISIBLE BRIDGES... If you have a chance to read it, scroll down to my previous post. It's a quick read.

Now on for a different kind of insecurity this month. First, I am THRILLED to say my offer was accepted for my new digs... After three months and over 150 showings, I found my next home. Yes, another LOFT in Printer's row. This time in the Franklin Building. Another historic printing house from 1916-1984. The building is classic Chicago Prairie style. Think Frank Lloyd Wright. This is a rather small space (only 650 sq. ft.), BUT it has five 5x7 ft. windows streaming in SE light. That was the selling point for me. 

I have another rehab, of course, but this one isn't nearly as bad as my last. I learned so much from the last one, so I know what NOT to do this time. LOl

SO now I have approx. one month to six weeks to pull this place together. The insecurities are running wild. Did I do the right thing? Will it be big enough? Will I plan the space correctly to accommodate all my needs.... just to name a few.

So life is at FULL SPEED ahead again whether I like it or not. All I can do is take each new challenge one day at a time...

I also want to say how much I enjoyed visiting everyone these last few weeks. It felt great to reconnect! I'll be dropping in on you throughout the day today, and hopefully on Friday. 

Until then, stay SAFE and always BE AWARE of you surroundings...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Hi, All,

Welcome to the WEP Bloghop. Today the featured prompt is Bridges...

Certainly leaves a lot to the imagination, don't you think? The possibilities are endless. 

Leave it to my dear friends Denise Covey and Yolanda Renee to post Nilanjana Bose's wonderful idea. 

As for the badge, isn't it simply beautiful... thank you Olga Godim for creating it for the challenge.

I am sure you will enjoy all the entries in the HOP today. As for mine, well, it's been a while since I wrote anything, but this prompt spoke to me. 

As we all journey through life, there are many obstacles in our way and at some point we have to choose which "bridge" to cross. I hope you enjoy...


Many, if not all of our journeys in life, lead us to an invisible bridge. 

A mist of silver haze clings to a sketchy outline. Moving shadows play hide and seek on the other side.  

Do I cross? 

Or—go back to the safety of the road just traveled?

Droplets of sweat leak down my face as I watch the images before me. Every fiber of my being screams, TURN BACK.

My throat constricts. I close my eyes, but only for a brief moment. 

Breathe…just keep breathing.

Something fizzles.

I spin around. Swallowed by pitch, the road I had just traveled no longer exists.

Echoes of an eerie silence weave like delicate threads shrouding me.

A loud pop… 

Pinpoints of light flicker, then ignite. 

A network of lines brand the midnight canvas set before me. Within seconds another bridge appears. This one clear and glowing like hot embers. Somehow this one is more terrifying… 

It leads nowhere.

A choice must be made, but to what avail?

Is my mind playing tricks on me?  Is it real? 

How could it not be? 

This is my destiny. How often has this happened to me? Once, twice, a dozen? A hundred times? 

Chills freeze and burn within me. I tear myself away from the bright lights and inhale as much as my lungs will allow. I cough out an acrid and unpleasant scent. One that I have never experienced before—not a hint of floral, grass, woods, or sea, but some type of chemical. The bile bites hard at the back of my throat and I cough again.

I strain to focus on the blurry lines of the invisible bridge. The mist lingers like a haunting ghostly shadow at the base. Now the swirls of silver are mixed with reflecting prisms of colors seducing me to make a move…

A warm, yet icy breeze, ruffles my hair. With my first step a gust pushes me toward the edge. I loose my footing and plunge into the depths of the mist, stumbling onto what seemed to be a clapboard bridge. A transparent railing breaks my fall as a splint of wood pierces my hand. Droplets of blood trickle and disappear into the billowing mist.

Can this be my payment for crossing?

Is this real or a fantasy? 

A fog horn blares in the distance and echoes like a ghoul playing a musical saw. 

I stand tall and take a few more steps. The mist clears as if an unseen hand swept it away. A dim phosphorescent light peeks over the low lying hill miles from the water’s edge. My boot heels thump on the clapboards as I continue along the bridge. Step after step the view remains the same. Hours later, I travel no further.

“What gives!,” I cry out and drop to my knees.

Over the deadly silence a whisper reaches my ears. I can’t comprehend the words. Another whisper, but this one is a fraction louder. Then another. And another… 

I am breathing heavier now. With each new chant the words becomes clearer. It seems to go on forever. 

Then, I hear the final whisper.

“The journey you take is a difficult one, my Son. This is but one of many bridges you will encounter. Take heart. Your inner strength will get you through them…

“Remember to always…keep your faith.”

I spring to life, my breath escapes me. “It was just a dream…it was just a dream,” I tell myself over and over. 

I sink back down into the sweat soaked sheets.

Or was it?

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you get a chance to read some of the other entries. Just click on the WEP link. Have a wonderful day everyone!